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Disaster Awareness

Terror Alert
Preparing for the Unexpected
  • Create an emergency communication plan: Chose an out-of-town contact your family will call or email to check on each other.
  • Establish a meeting place: Having a predetermined meeting place away from your home will save time and minimize confusion.
  • Check on school emergency plan for any school-aged children: You need to know if they will keep children at school until a parent or designated adults can pick them up. Be sure the school has updated information about how to reach parents and responsible caregivers.
  • Things to have on hand: Non-perishable food, extra batteries, battery operated radio, flashlights, bottled water, first aid kit, and handy bedding.

If Disaster Strikes:
  • Remain calm and be patient.
  • Follow the advice of local officials.
  • Listen to your radio or TV for news and instructions.
  • If the disaster occurs near you, check for injuries, give first aid, and get help for the seriously injured people.
  • If the disaster occurs near your home while you are there, check for damage using a flashlight. Do not light matches or turn on electrical switches. If you smell gas odors, open windows and get everyone out quickly.
  • Confine or secure pets.
  • Call your family contact -- do not use the phone again unless it is a life-threatening emergency.

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